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Aalysha Athreya Founder and Owner of Kurvwear. Story of Kurvwear. About us.



Creating the Kurv Short

After learning the basics of sewing, Aalysha went to the fabric store & the local trade store. She bought 1.5m of muslin, 3m of fabric and 1m of construction foam for the padding prototypes.

She designed, developed and created the Kurv Short on her bedroom floor. This was the 10th sample made where Aalysha decided to try to combine panels of fabric together.

Using her mother's old sewing machine, Aalysha made 32 samples before sending it to her manufacturer.

The initial digital design of the Kurv Short went through 5 more stages of design & development before Aalysha was happy with it.

Perfecting the shape, size & volume of the padding was challenging because it had to be seamlessly concealed when worn. After making 10's of padding prototypes using construction foam, this was the first finalised padding created. 

The first manufactured sample of the Kurv Short. Following a lot of trial & error, testing, and 5 more stages of design & development - the Kurv Short was created. After 9 months & 37 samples, it's now yours.